Endocet Side Effects & Dosage

Endocet vs Percocet

Endocet vs PercocetTypically when you go to a Doctor and complain about severe back pain or any other kind of pain you are either prescribed Endocet or Percocet. But what really is the difference between Endocet and Percocet? Is there really a difference between Endocet vs Percocet that would make one seem a better solution over the other? Well the answer to this may be surprising.

For the most part Endocet and Percocet are practically identical in nature. Both contain amounts of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen in varying amounts. Endocet is considered a generic brand name of the drug as well as Percocet is also another brand name of essentially the same drug. Now when you really look close at the composition of these two drugs the active ingredients are identical. And for many people there will be no difference in how this is absorbed. However, for some people this is just not the case. While the differences may seem to be minor when you have a complex chemical system such as the human body those small differences can be multiplied. Essentially some people are going to react badly to Percocet or Endocet if they are not accustomed to it.

The only way to really determine if you are able to tolerate the difference between Endocet and Percocet is to actually test this out for yourself. Of course make sure the dosage is the same and be careful that you are not deviating in any other way such as the addition or removal of any herbal medications you may be taking at the time. This is the only really good way to see if there is a noticeable difference with your blood and body chemistry.

Whenever you are dealing with generic drugs the tolerance for any deviance between the generic drug and the name brand drug is between 85 percent to 125 percent of the name brand. This means that when this drug is produced it must lie within those standards. In my estimation that is a pretty large gap between the name brand and the generic brand. That is close to a 40 percent variation in the manufacturing of this drug. Now in low doses this may seem negligible but in the higher doses this is definitely going to cause some changes to how you react.

As well since the acetaminophen can vary so much you should be aware of the possibility of overdosing on acetaminophen if you are taking any additional pain medications. Any and all liver problems should be reported immediately with these two drugs.
Now what I have researched I have found very few people experiencing some minor side effects on the low dosages of Endocet vs. Percocet. These side effects were dizziness, confusion, and general fatigue when they either took Endocet or Percocet or vice versa. Now, since these are a few people most likely you will not experience the same side effects.

Now one thing I have to note is that both of these drugs are generic which means that just about any drug manufacturer can produce this drug. Depending upon where you live this may be what is causing some of the differences between one drug versus another. A similar analogy would be comparing Coke from one country to another. While the main ingredients are the same the manner in which is it’s produced may be different thereby producing an ever so slightly different taste.

Regardless if you are taking Endocet or Percocet please be aware of any possible side effects. This is a type 2 narcotic and you should be monitored over your course of taking this drug. If you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse you should tell your Doctor. Both drugs are powerful narcotics and you should be aware of the dangers of using an automobile while taking this drug.
The combination of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen has been very helpful to many pain sufferers throughout the years. While not an end solution to many people’s pains it is a good bridge to get you functioning again. There may be some surgeries required or some other procedures in order for you to be completely pain free. The advancements in pain suppressing techniques and technologies is ever advancing and I would make it a priority to learn as much as you can about these so that you know ahead of time what may be most suitable for your condition.

While there may not be many differences between Endocet and Percocet the more you know about a drug the more likely you will be able to handle any issues with it in the future. Here knowledge really is power so I would behoove you to become as knowledgeable as possible regarding this type of drug. In fact knowing where your Endocet or Percocet is manufactured and under what name could help you in the future to make sure you do not experience any weird side effects mentioned above.
Clearly you must be in pain if you are taking this drug. Finding out the root causes for this pain is only going to help you in the long run. Essentially you need to find a long term solution that is not drug related to solve your issues. These drugs can only serve to bridge the gap to help you feel better for a short period of time. The dangers of using these drugs for an extended period of time are just not worth it.

Unfortunately because of the popularity and widespread use of these two drugs these drugs have become targets for thieves and other thugs. If you can keep your drugs secure in your home or on your person you would help prevent the spread of the abuse of Endocet and Percocet. If someone should get a hold of these drugs who does not really need them could result in their untimely death.

With just a bit of common sense and some standard precautions just about anyone can use these drugs with no problems what so ever. However, you should be aware of any possible side effects and the dangers involved.